Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Lots of Quilled Jewelry!

I have been very inspired lately by some of the quilled jewelry that I've seen.  Looking at all those beautiful pieces put me a mood to create my own designs and see what happens So for the past few days I've been busy with my paper strips and glue :-D  

According to my momma (who is a little, this is the fanciest jewelry set that I have ever made.  Go figure!  I used black, ivory, gray and white paper for this set.  I covered the quilled items with Triple Thick to protect the paper.  But the gloss is the icing on the cake for me.   I did the same for all the jewelry that you can see in the post.

These pink daisies are a fun pair of earrings.  I expect to get some funny looks driving down the road with my hair pulled back and these bright pink flowers on my ears ROFL.

This set down here I call Sunrise Flower.  I've had the beads for maybe 10 years!  But once I made this flower pendant I just KNEW that I had to use these beads. 

This last photo is a sneak peak at the necklace on which I'm still working.  This one is a little bit more complicated.  It was inspired by a piece from India.  It is a very delicate piece and I'm still thinking of a way to strengthen it

That baby still has a lot of work to be done.  

All of the flat back pearls used in these projects, as well as the silver findings are from Miriam's Crafting Supplies.

BTW, Lori Smanki, I still don't have your snail mail address.  Please email me at so I can put the Martha Stewart Wooden Stamp Set in the mail for you ASAP!!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Graphic 45 Design Team Audition 2015

Hello lollipops!  This post is my Graphic 45 Design Team Audition 2015.  So I'm going to be showing you some projects that, if you have been following my blog for a while, you have seen already.  These are some of the projects of which I am most proud and also represent my style well.  So lets get started:

Project 1-This scrapbook layout won DCWV Top 10 Scrapaholics Challenge in October 2013.  You can watch a video tutorial that I made for this layout by click on:  Easy Layered Scrapbook Layout Tutorial.

Project 2-This card is a DT project that I made during my time as a designer for Gina's Designs.  The leaves are chipboard feathers that I colored and then added glitter with a glitter pen.  I made the flower using a coffee filter that I colored with ink.  For the sentiment I used a stamp, which I embossed and the added glitter to it as well.

 Project 3-This box is another project that I created during my time designing for Gina's Designs.  It is a book box made of very heavy chipboard.  I used acrylic paints, Crackle Accents and a gold pen to create a Parisian style on the front cover.  I secured the "binding" of the book  with heavy duty ribbon.  You can watch a video of this project at Parisian Book Box.  Click on the link and scroll to the bottom.

Project 4-This is a chipboard stage.  I made this piece when I was designing for Miriam's Crafting Supplies.  I love Mixed Media and I really went for it with this project.  To watch a video of this project visit:  Mixed Media Steampunk Stage.

I hope that you have enjoyed looking through some of my favorite projects :-)

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

The winner of the Martha Stewart Christmas Wooden Stamp Set is Lori Smanski!  Congratulations Lori!!!  Please email me your address so that I can put this beautiful set in the mail for you asap!

This is what you won:

Friday, February 27, 2015

It's Worth Repeating!

My friends, tomorrow we get the new prompt for next week's Documented Life Project.  So I want to show you what I did for this week's challenge, which is is week 7.  The challenge was Repeating Elements, and the prompt journal prompt was It's Worth Repeating.

I didn't do much journaling because, quite frankly, I believe the the quote says it all.  I used a flower and a heart stamp to repeat the elements all over the page.  Then I traced them again with a Sharpie Marker.  I colored the flowers and the hearts with Copic Markers.  They are alcohol based ink and do not cover the lines made with Sharpie markers.  I covered the flowers with a glitter gel pen.  The hearts are covered with Crackle Accents.  you can see it better in the closeup photo.  I used 3 layers of Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel on the sentiment.  The background is a mix of Copic Markers and Distress Ink.  Then I let it all dry overnight.  I am really happy with how it turned out.  I am telling you how I did it so that if you don't think that you can do art journaling you realize that there are many ways to do art journaling.  You don't need to draw of paint or anything else.  Just grab your stamps, cut out stuff from magazines, get your markers, pens, pencils and glue...and get to work!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Everybody Needs A Second Chance.

I must admit that I had a creative problem with Week 6 Challenge of the Documented Life Project.  You see, it was about covering up good stuff.  I thought to myself, why would I want to cover up good stuff?  I'm not saying that it is wrong, I'm just saying that I can't think of a reason to do it.  I started searching the web for inspiration and I found an ad with an open zipper.  It dawned on me that this was a great illustration for this challenge.  The viewer can decide for his or herself if the zipper is opening or closing.  I am covering something good or am I uncovering it?  Also, do you agree that everybody needs a second chance?  Notice that it doesn't say that everybody deserves a second chance.  It says that everybody needs a second chance.  What do you think?

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Altered Beach Shell

I live in an area where it is beach weather almost year around.  So several months ago, while visiting Sanibel and Captiva, While walking down a private road I found this awesome shell, buried half way into the sand. Needless to say that I grabbed it right away.  It was dirty and had some green moss on it.  But it looked awesome to me.  I brought it home and washed it off, always with the idea of decorating it somehow.  It sat on my bathroom vanity until a few days when I was finally inspired to do something with it. 

I used regular acrylic paint in green and blue and used a dry brush technique.  Then I sprinkled 2 colors of sparkly Pearl Ex powder to the wet paint and smeared it all over the shell.  I made sure to get the paint and the powder into all the nooks and crannies of the shell so that I didn't lose the texture.

Then last night, after the paint had set for a few days, I added a nice, thick coat of Triple Thick Gloss Glaze.

I really love how the shell turned out.  Now it is back on my bathroom vanity, looking shiny and beachy!

I want to remind everyone about the Martha Stewart Christmas Stamps that I'm away this month.  To learn more go to Martha Stewart Stamp Set Giveaway!